Whether you're decorating a new room on the Wirral , having a spring clean in Chester or completing some repairs in Manchester , you can rely on my expertise for all of your painting and decorating needs. Just see what I can do for you:

Interior Painting


There is plenty to paint around the house and getting the perfect finish is harder than you think! However, with my professional approach, you can be sure that the inside of your home will be looking superb. Call me to paint bedrooms, living areas and kitchens or to give new leases of life to your ceilings and skirting boards or to make those old cupboards and doors look like new.

Whatever your internal painting requirements, I will guarantee a clean, tidy and professional job.


Exterior Painting


Is the outside of your home starting to look a bit washed up and dated? It's amazing what a professionally-applied coat of exterior paint can do for the appearance and appeal of your home, turning murky grey into dazzling white. I can also give new life to fences, garage doors, sheds - anything that can be painted can benefit from my professional touch.

Whatever your external painting requirements, I will guarantee a clean, tidy and professional job.




f you're getting tired of your home and need a change, give me a call and I can decorate any rooms to give them the lift they need. Leave everything to me - the stripping, the painting, the wallpapering - and I will return your room to you in a sparkling new design and style, guaranteed to make it feel like you're in a new home. Just tell me what you would like and I will make it happen.


Floor Painting


I now provide a professional floor painting service. A painted wooden floor can really make a difference to a room and really give that wow factor. Also perfect for stairways where you want a stairway runner up the middle and the sides painted out properly.




Many people think they can put up wallpaper, but they soon realise that it's easy to do badly and hard to do well. I've been wallpapering local walls for 25 years, so you can rely on me to get the paper up quickly, cleanly and without any air bubbles or misaligned edges. If you want to avoid the stress of wallpapering and guarantee an excellent finish, give me a call to discuss what you would like to do.


Minor House Repairs


Has someone put a hole in your plasterboard or a foot through your fence? Are your skirting boards chipped and bannisters cracked? In addition to painting and decorating, I can also complete those minor repair jobs that you said you would do, but never got around to.


Picture and Mirror Frame Resprays

20131104 Mirror2.JPG

If you have a picture or mirror that will look out of place in your newly decorated room, then why not save the cost of buying new and ask me to professionally respray the frame? I can respray to any colour, including metallic finishes. All work is professionally completed with no drips or runs. You will not be able to tell the difference between a new frame and a resprayed frame. It also allows you to get all your frames to the sme colour so that they all match. This can also be done to refresh a tired looking frame.


Curtain Pole Fitting


I now offer a curtain pole fitting service. Every pole fitted is sturdy and strong enough to hold the heaviest of curtains. This can be done as a seperate job or as part of a comprehensive re-decoration.


Fireplace Rejuvenation


Give your fireplace the facelift it deserves. A lean lick of paint is all that is needed in most cases and it can really lift a tired room. I will sand back your existing fire and fill where needed ensuring a professional finish is acheived. Contact me now for more information.


Roof Cleaning (Moss removal)


The performance of your roof can deteriorate if it is not well maintained. Keeping your roof clean and clear of moss can prevent cracked tiles and future costly maintenance. A good clean will also improve the asthetics of your roof. Give me a call and I can pop round to look at the roof and to provide you with a quote.


Wall Tiling

Kitchens and bathrooms are an important part of any house, but tiles can become dated or damaged over time. Give me a call and I can replace them with sparkling new tiles of any shape, size or pattern, giving your home a lick of paint where no paint is required!


Looking after the outside of your house is important for many reasons, not least to keep your building watertight and safe from the rains. Water damage is both costly and time-consuming to fix, so it's best to get there before the problems start. Repointing is the process of repairing mortar around brickwork and I can both assess and undertake these repairs to help maintain the dryness inside.

Guttering and Downspouts

As with pointing (see above), it's very important to undertake regular maintenance to protect your home and keep rain water outside. Damaged or poorly-maintained guttering can lead to water getting into places it shouldn't and, over time, this can cause more permanent and costly problems in other parts of your house. If your gutters or downspouts need cleaning, repairing or replacing, give me a call and I can visit you to assess the problem and complete the work to high standard.

My Conduct

Workmen have a bad reputation, but I can guarantee to you that I will be friendly , on-time , clean, tidy and professional . I will return your calls with a smile and will be on-time for our appointments (if I'm delayed elsewhere for any reason, I will call to let you know) - I know that you don't want to wait in all day for me. When I work in your home, I am courteous and respectful of your belongings. I will always cover furniture and carpets with dust sheets and take away my rubbish and mess with me when I leave. You will not know I've been there - other than the fantastic work I have done!

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