Wallpaper or Paint?

28th July 2012

If you are considering having one of your rooms decorated, or indeed your whole house, you will need to consider whether to paint or use wallpaper. Over the years I have decorated people’s homes using both wallpaper and paint from West Kirby on the Wirral, Altringham in Manchester to Handbridge in Chester and I have been asked this question more than I can remember and for the majority it is down to personal taste. However, there are some important considerations to take into account. For example, the size of the room, whether the room benefits from sunlight or not, if the area is well used and prone to marks (this is more for those with young children and pets).


Over the years I have seen the way the trend has changed. Woodchip wallpaper in the 70’s, replaced by painted smooth plastered walls in the 00’s and bold striking prints in the 2010’s. Some people feel a wallpapered room seems warmer and cosy in comparison to a painted room. I understand why they would feel this but a lot of it is down to the colour choice. As a professional Painter and Decorator in the Wirral and surrounding areas I can help you decide what will look best in each room.


The main advantage of paint is that if needed it can be touched up. For people with young children and pets this can be really important especially when considering your hall, stairs and landing. Painting is also a great way to add a splash of colour to any room and can be changed with your mood quite easily. Changing wallpaper can take a little longer and needs more preparation. So if you change your mood quite frequently then painting would be better for you ? A key trend is to have a feature wall which is wall papered and have the other walls painted in an accent colour. You can make a room look larger by having just one feature wall papered to your personal taste. Then use contrasting colours to finish the other three walls. I would only recommend using a flamboyant all over print in a larger bright room that can take it. Small box rooms may benefit from being painted rather than wallpapered to avoid making the space seem smaller.

If you have any questions or would like further advice please feel free to contact me. No matter how small, I am happy to help. If you need a Wirral Painter and Decorator or your lounge needs a makeover in Liverpool, a Painter in Chester, your Kitchen brightening in New Brighton or you fancy some bold prints in Mold. I can also complete any other handyman tasks you may need so just give me a call or contact me via my contact form and I will respond promptly to arrange a visit to provide you with a competitive quote especially for you!

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