Last Exterior Job of 2013 (Hopefully)

23rd September 2013

This was, I hope, one of my last outside paint jobs of the year for a guy named Terry Cosgrove at 32 Briar close Heswall,

Here is a pic of the finished job:


I had to do this job a lot earlier than planned due to a cancellation. That was fine as its best to get it done in Autumn rather than winter, however unfortunately for me it rained every day! Not to worry though, we have ha d agreat summer and I have had plenty of days painting outside in the sunshine this year and the job turned out all right in the end. The only issue I had was with the sandstone trimming around the front door. This gave me a big problem after the first day because, after a heavy downpour, all of the white masonary paint ran onto the sandstone .Luckily experience paid off here and I was able to rectify the problem using some oak woodstain. It's a trick I have used before and which actually improved the overall appearance

Now off to ring myself out and get a hot cuppa inside me! :-)

See you soon, Dave

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