Painting and Wallpapering November 2015

9th November 2015

Exterior house painting in Bromborough

The below pictures are of a complete external house painting job for Diane and George in Bromborough. The job was completed within 3 days, the house looks crisp and fresh, with two very pleased homeowners.

Exterior house painting Exterior house painting

Exterior house painting Exterior house painting

Exterior house painting Exterior house painting

Wallpapering in Birkenhead

I'm always very fussy with my wallpapering, i want to make sure that every sheet is perfect and the end result is faultless, the below job was no different. The wallpapering job in the pictures below really transformed this lovely dining room in Birkenhead

My customers were very pleased with the end result and left me a lovely review on Google, which is always appreciated.

wallpapering dining room
Wallpapering and painting
wallpapering dining room
Wallpapering the chimney breast makes a great statement in the room

Wallpapering in Prenton

I had a very unusual black slate effect wallpaper to hang in a lovely house in Prenton, the end result was a real statement. The job looked great and as usual my careful preparation of the surface ensured there were no issues with the paper, which is a good thing as the wallpaper was expensive!

My customer was so surprised that i completed the job within a day, they then asked me to wallpaper 2 bedrooms and a basement.

wallpapering lounge room
Black slate effect wallpaper
wallpapering lounge room
The end result is a real statement
wallpapering bedroom wallpapering bedroom

Wallpapering a childs bedroom in High Bebington

This wallpapering job was for a childrens bedroom with some nice and bright coloured stripes. It has made the space into a very vibrant fun room.

As per usual i have left the room spotless and the walpapering job is faultless, my customers were very happy with the finished result.

wallpapering kids bedroom
Great vibrant fun wallpaper for a childrens bedroom
wallpapering kids bedroom
I ensure that every piece of wallpaper is aligned perfectly
wallpapering kids bedroom wallpapering kids bedroom

Exterior House Painting Heswell

I completed this external house painting job over a week and the results look great. The house is now ready to stand proud for another decade!

My customers were so impressed with the completed job that i am returning in December to do some interior house painting.

external house painting
This house looks great with a fresh coat of white paint
exterior house painting
Ready for another decade of punishing weather

Walpapering a lounge room in Prenton

This floral wallpaper looks great in the front room of my customers house in Prenton. As usual i have ensured that the wallpaper patterns match perfectly and the finish is faultess.

wallpapering lounge room
What a differnce this wallpaper makes to the room

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