Lounge, including ceiling, redecorated in Bromborough

17th May 2013

This job was in Bromborough, on the Wirral. Keith and his wife asked me to redecorate their lounge for them. The lounge measured 30ft by 15ft and so, as you can probably imagine, the hardest part of the job was to re-paper the ceiling. The ceiling had to be first stripped back before I could apply the new wallpaper that Keith and his wife had picked out. Just to finish the ceiling took me all of three days which is a long time for one ceiling but because of the size of the room, and to get the best finish, this is what it required

There was one feature wall that was wallpapered but the other three were painted.


The photos I took don't really do the job the justice it deserves as the finished room looked superb.


Keith and his wife are made up with their lounge and told me they will be getting me back later on in the year to do some more work for them.

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