Entire House Re-Decoration in Eastham Rake, Wirral

15th August 2013

This job was for Angela and Peter Adhard and they live at 128a Eastham Rake. They contacted me in March earlier this year. I called around to their home and gave them an estimate to wallpaper and decorate four bedrooms hall,stairs and landing and through lounge and kitchen.

Then that was it for some time - I never heard from them again for a couple of months. Then one day, out of the blue, Angela contacted me with the intention of booking me in for part of the work required. However I was actually booked up until the end of July and when I explained this to her she decided to book me in for the whole job instead as they didn't think that they would have to wait that long. It just goes to show you that if some people trust you to do a good job for them then they will wait for you.

Here are a couple of pics of the hall and stairway before I started the job:


I started work for them on Monday 22nd of July painting the bedrooms first and then papering one of the bedrooms as well. Then I wallpapered and decorated the staircase and after this I then did the through lounge and the kitchen ceiling. By this time the family had gone on holiday and left me to it.

Here are some pictures I have taken of the house re-decorated. This was another enjoyable job and one that I enjoyed getting my teeth into. Along with the clients I am also very pleased with the end result. The wallpaper they picked was quite plain but once it was hung it looked really nice against the white woodwork. They also had the same paper throughout which gave a nice consistent and considered feel all around the house.


I actually finished the job on Monday 12th of August, so a good three weeks of work.

Now off to the next job, paint brush in hand!

Thanks Dave

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